Past, Present and Future

CILP's history began after the First World War, but it was in 1973 that it assumed its current name.
Over the years, passion and experience have guided the company towards continuous technological and quality development, making production internationally recognised.

In 2006, with the entry of Riccardo and Davide Poggetti, the company took a new shape and took off thanks to a young and forward-looking vision.

Through the Respect project, the company was able to express its sustainability values, creating a strongly identifying project.

A greener production

The desire to respect the planet and actively contribute to sustainable development is an important commitment, which CILP has decided to pursue at every stage of production, from the production of metal-free leather to the improvement of the logistics.

Respect technology improvements percentages
compared to chrome-tanned leather.
Electricity in the riviera fase
Electrical energy in retanning
Water used
COD in the tanning process
Caloric consumption (kcal)

Dedicating ourselves to the environment

Respect was born out of a desire for sustainability. It is a commitment that CILP has decided to maintain at every stage of production to reduce the use of chemicals, increase energy savings, use renewable sources and minimise waste.

The value
of tomorrow

A company that does not take care of the future of its territory and the environment does not produce value. This is why we are committed to sustainability, an aspect recognised by the most important fashion brands.

The finished

The commitment behind the processes is reflected in the final product that becomes the beating heart of the company. A landmark that conceals the dedication to the tanning world.

A concrete

A concrete mission that the company has set itself: to combine creativity and respect for the environment, production development and quality value. Leading leather towards an increasingly better future.

Your projects
with us

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    CILP's history began after the First World War, but it was in 1973 that it assumed its current name.