The history of Cilp was rooted in the early post-war period and has come to the present day through experience and innovation.

Environmental Commitment

Cilp dedicates part of its production to protect the environment, creating a sustainable processing chain that does not compromise on quality.


The certifications obtained are the achievements of a long quest committed to sustainability.

Respect is the technology dedicate to care for the environment, a daily challenge that never ends.

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Tannery Cilp 14-07-2022-182
Tannery Cilp 14-07-2022-250
Tannery Cilp 14-07-2022-235
Tannery Cilp 14-07-2022-185
Tannery Cilp 14-07-2022-244
Cilp Tannery 14-07-2022-256-1
Tannery Cilp 14-07-2022-271
Tannery Cilp 14-07-2022-243

Sustainable value.

Developing a sustainable supply chain means producing value for the territory, its inhabitants and the local ecosystem.

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    CILP's history began after the First World War, but it was in 1973 that it assumed its current name.