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We created the Respect Technology because we wanted to offer the international markets strong and durable materials that did not harm the environment during their production. This path has been long and often difficult and still requires our constant commitment. Our challenge does not end and we are always looking for new ways to safeguard the future.


An important part of our water waste can be reintroduced into the environment without damaging it. In fact, a comparison of toxicity values on freshwater invertebrates shows a considerable advantage for Respect Technology tanning. The LOEC values of two tans compared show that the chromium input for Wet Blue is 407 mg/l with potential generation of extremely toxic CrVI. For Respect Technology tanning, the LOEC value is 1430 mg/l compared to an effluent input of 382 mg/l.


Saving resources is one of our main goals, but it is also equally important to know the origin of the resources we use and to choose ethically sourced ones. Thanks to the photovoltaic panel system on CILP's roofs, we are able to produce 30% of the energy we need, while the remaining 70% comes entirely from certified renewable sources.

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Our most important mission is to create a material cycle that allows us to fit into the natural world without damaging it. To do this, we have replaced chemical and non-biodegradable materials, such as plastic, with bio-based materials and introduced sustainable packaging wherever possible. We have also decreased the use of chemical materials in our processes.

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    CILP's history began after the First World War, but it was in 1973 that it assumed its current name.