InsightsWe know from where our energy comes from

We know from where our energy comes from

Our major priority is to reduce as much as we can our environmental impact of our production, renewable energy supply is a fundamental step that allows us to do so.

30% of the electricity we use during our production comes from solar panel settled on the roof of our production implant. The remaining 70% is bought from certified renewable suppliers.

This means that all the energy we use in our production comes form renewables, contributing to reduce our environmental impact.

To reduce our emissions even more we introduced a fleet of totally electric vehicles for local transports, this allows us to contribute on several fronts to the fight against climate change.

We are always looking for new methods to reduce our carbon footprint and preserve the environment around us for a better tomorrow.

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    CILP's history began after the First World War, but it was in 1973 that it assumed its current name.