InsightsFrom environmental needs to production needs

From environmental needs to production needs

We are aware that on the market the request for products with a low environmental impact is higher and higher and we decided to meet this request investing in new technologies and sustainable methods.

We are aware that the market demand for environmentally friendly products is increasing and we have decided to meet this trend by investing in sustainable technologies and production methods.

In this process we didn’t forget quality, that always remains the center of our philosophy.

Respect Technology is just one of the ways we work on our sustainability, but is for sure one of the main, because it allows us to produce high quality leather without using metals or toxic chemicals, a double goal by the usage of electricity coming form certified renewable sources throughout the supply chain.

Environment sustainability becomes, day by day, always more important for tannery industries and us first we want to dedicate our energies to direct our future towards this route.

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